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Hi dear users ,

I created this page to hear your opinion about the new site OnlineMovies.IS . You can comment on everything about this site, all you think about it, if you like , what we should improve, which would be added to the site .
Even if you do not have time to answer all the comments, we will see. So expect your impression about of this site .


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    1. Rgnicho / July 23, 2015

      Nice One..

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      • Admin / July 23, 2015

        Thanks for your Feedback .

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        • Kash / September 1, 2015

          Where is Pans Labyrinth

        • Reply
        • Ricky Berwick / September 17, 2015

          Hi admin I tried writing this msg the normal way in the contact us bit but it just won’t send anyway id really like it if you could please put on these 2 movies The Phoenix Incident & The Specter also if you could also put on a mini series that was on just under 10 yrs ago on telly it was 3 episodes it was called Triangle it had Sam Neil in it.Thanks for all you & whoever else is involved have done wiv this site it’s been great having it.

    2. EXTREMELY GRATEFUL / July 23, 2015

      Just wanted to say a big thank you and show my apprection to the admins of this wonderful new site and the effort they put to the running of it; the joys they have brought and will continue to bring into my life. Keep up the good work =) ت

      • Reply
      • Admin / July 23, 2015

        Thank you for feedback 😉 .

    3. Sara / July 25, 2015

      Thank you so much for continuing with this amazing site, so pleased I managed to track you down again!

    4. Reply
    5. Unfit Gavster / July 26, 2015

      Love the new site, took me awhile to figure out where it went. Some things I miss however, 1) the bottom right corner of the site there used to be a feed that showed where comments were posted, I used it to see when the new movies were updated w/ better quality. 2) it feels like your selection of movies has slimmed a bit? And finally if you could add the new terminator movie that would be awesome. However I still love the site. Thanks for being awesome 🙂

      • Reply
      • Admin / July 27, 2015

        I will to create a new category in homepage with recently movie update . I think it would be simpler so, What do you think? 🙂

        • Reply
        • Unfit Gavster / July 28, 2015

          Ya that would work thank you!

    6. saMEGAme / July 27, 2015

      Our family thanks you for the great movies and shows you offer. I know that you have your hands full preparing the new domain but I would love it if you included Stargate SG1 to your TV Series category.

    7. Reply
    8. eddie / July 29, 2015

      where is Arrow guys???
      can you putt arrow back on the site?

      • Reply
      • Felix / July 29, 2015

        Eddie today your favorite series will be on site 🙂

    9. eddie / August 2, 2015

      And season 1 and 2 felix?

    10. Reply
    11. Kenny / August 2, 2015

      where the rest of the movies? n the series only hav the last seasons… I need more… THX

    12. Reply
    13. Pix / August 3, 2015

      Hello may you please add sin city and saving private Ryan seeing as their both one of the best movies in their genre. I love this site and thank you for your service.

      PS: I’ve moved from onlinemovies.pro

    14. Reply
    15. wnlyon3 / August 4, 2015

      not sure if I sent the movie request in the right spot. please put Push 2009, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0465580/combined
      if possible. Thanks for the great site, i’m on here more than t.v. now love the selection of movies
      Thanks again

    16. Reply
    17. Lhc / August 8, 2015

      Im not sure why but any movie i try watching keeps pausing like buffering or something. Anyway welcome back. Love the site thanks.

    18. Reply
    19. Patti / August 9, 2015

      I’ve been using Megashare for awhile before it got shut down. I looked endlessly for a replacement and came across onlinemovies.IS.

      I absolutely love this site. There’s no fee, and no forced registration. I get to watch my tv shows AND movies. I also like that the quality of the movie is great and if it isn’t. It gets updated along the way. I also like the fact that you can request movies/tv shows.

      CONS: When I watch my movie, there are ads. Which I don’t mind, sometimes. But there is a specific ad that claims I have a virus and tells me to call a number. No matter how times I try to exit the ad. It just won’t do. So I have to use my task manager to shut down the site and ad so I can reboot and continue watching my movie.

      Other than that, It’s safe to say that I am a dedicated follower to this site. Thank you for making this website, fantastic!

    20. Reply
    21. Mexyz / August 14, 2015

      Well I like the site a lot, but I miss the updates page you had on onlinemovies.pro …

    22. Reply
    23. zircuitry / August 20, 2015

      1. It would be nice to be able to search the site based on actor/actress name
      2. Maybe even a category of movies for class actors like Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe, etc.

      • Reply
      • Felix / August 21, 2015

        Soon @zircuitry 🙂

    24. eddie / August 23, 2015

      Arrow season 1 & 2 please!!!

    25. Reply
    26. Simon / August 24, 2015

      Please can you add episodes of the new Walking Dead spin off series, Fear of the Walking Dead when it becomes available?


    27. Reply
    28. lupaz / August 29, 2015

      where is batman the dark knight?
      can you put it back on the site please?

    29. Reply
    30. KillTrack180 / August 30, 2015

      Hi Felix, very thankful for the effort you put into this website 🙂 ! If you could add season 1 of The Last Ship (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2402207/episodes?season=1) and previous seasons of Game of Thrones I’d be very happy 😉

      Keep up the good work !

      A Loyal Fan

    31. Reply
    32. Mau5 / September 5, 2015

      Hello I just wanted to say you guys are awesome for making this website for us to watch movies thank you very much continue doing what you do I really appreciate it.
      Also I just wanted to know if you’re going to continue releasing The Walking Dead season 1-4 episodes. If yes then how frequently are you gonna release them? Thank you

    33. Reply
    34. Ann Elfwind / September 6, 2015

      I would like to be able to sort the movies by year in their categories. Sorting it by latest, most viewed and all that is all nice and good, but sort by year would be even better. Think that would be possible sometime in the near future?
      Other than that, this is my top site to watch movies and I’m glad it was created.

    35. Reply
    36. Jho / September 17, 2015

      Hi when I watch only 1/4 of it and already stop?

      • Reply
      • Felix / September 17, 2015

        Check and server 2 or 3 . Thanks

    37. UKHeather / September 17, 2015

      Felix, I would like to request that you add the movie The War Room(2015) and are you going to have the new season of the BBC TV Show Doctor Who that starts in a couple of days?


    38. Reply
    39. Chad / January 13, 2016

      Can’t find the new Hunger games mocking jay 2

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